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This company is owned by Sandy Brown. Her business is not licensed, no insurance and not bonded.

That means you have no recourse against her if your valuables are stolen or missing from your home. If one of her employees is hurt or injured on your property, they can sue you and your homeowners insurance. Her employees are not bonded, which means there is no background check or criminal report done on them. She has been sued in civil and small claims court at Superior Court of California, County of San Diego and lost.

You can view this at their website. She doesn't give you an itemized list of your property. She takes the most valuable items to "list on ebay" but doesn't pay you for them when they sell. She has thrown away or donated my belongings without my knowledge.

If she likes something of yours, she will keep it herself and never pay you for it. She lies, steals, and is dishonest in her business dealings.

I know this for a fact. I used to work for her but after I saw how she handled her business, I quit.

Monetary Loss: $20000.

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Placentia, California, United States #727833

This company did an excellent job. I have told my friends about them.

Very honest. Super hard workers. Pleasant to customers. It was a very organized.

I got an itemized list of every item with the correct price. Very pleased.

Fallbrook, California, United States #727760

They did an excellent job. I highly recommend.

No problems at all. Staff was super nice.

Had a huge sale. I am very happy.

Carlsbad, California, United States #727758

They do a wonderful job. EXCELLENT Company.

Highly recommend. Superb.


Untrue. CRAZY.

Never Happened. Never would.

Absurd. Who wrote this bunch of ***.

San Diego, California, United States #693631

Sandy Brown is a wonderful person and professional business woman. I know countless people who have used Sandy's PERFECT FIND GALLERY.

I encourage everyone who reads her sisters posts to disregard them. If I thought for one second that there was an ounce of truth to her accusations I would not be posting this comment.

She will continue to post negative complaints until the website that is allowing her to do so is held accountable for allowing this action.

I encourage everyone who needs to have an estate sale or items sold on EBAY to use Sandy Brown. You will never find someone and honest, reliable and dedicated as she is.

Thank you,

Fallbrook, California, United States #691152

I have worked for Sandy Brown for the past year. I am livescan fingerprinted through the state of CA with a very extensive background check.

In addition I have lived in the community we serve since 1989. I have had dealings with Sandy as the seller, the buyer, and as an employee. She is honest, she deals fairly from every angle, she does indeed keep an inventory and pays absolutely the week she is paid. Sandy has a perfect rating on her ebay store, is often recommended through word of mouth due to her amazing work ethics.

This comment is from a family member not a client.

Please consider and weigh this carefully. Thank you for taking the time to read all comments.


Sandra Brown is one of the most honest people on the planet. Her drug addicted sister Debbie Braun Anderson posted this to harm her.

Sandra had tryed to help her sister. She moved her into her home to help her get sober after debbie had lost her home due to her drug addition. Debbie could not stay sober. After many attempts to get her into treatment.

Sandra had to ask her to leave. Debbie is very angry. Still using drugs and will not get help. Sandra's family has been through a nightmare.

She does not want me to post this information. I can't beleive this website will let anyone put such information out there with out knowing the real truth. Drug addicts can't see the truth. They must blame others and try to hurt there familys instead of getting help.

It is a heartbreaking fact. Its a shame.


This is 100% false information. Pending a law suit againts Debbie Anderson for posting this.

Naples, Florida, United States #597812

YOU itemize what is taken and listed. No auction house accepts responsibility for stolen items from your house, that is what your insurance is for. And I hate to break it to you, if a stranger falls in your yard they can sue you.

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